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A Big Chocolate Mess

December 8, 2010

I had a eureka momment involving chocolate.
It needs Panforte di Siena with half the fruit missing (duh!), and melted chocolate.
The aim is to dip bases of squares of panforte in the chocolate, then to dust with spiced icing sugar.
The result should be a chunky, chewy florentine type sweetie.
Equipment: Chocolate melting over hot water.
Panforte cut into squares.
Pickle forks for dipping (best tool I have in the drawer)
Board lined with silicone paper.
Siilcone paper on the work top to take the dipped squares.

Let the fun begin!!


Out to lunch

May 8, 2010
Fabulous lunch at the Hardwick near Abergavenny.

Cornish Asparagus with deep fried duck egg, yummy!!

Chocolate Loveliness