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The Mill Race.

September 11, 2010

My brother and husband were off on their boys toys in the Wye Valley, a consultation of the Good Pub Guide led them to the Mill Race in Walford. They thoroughly enjoyed the Ham, Egg and excellent Chips on the lunch menu. Walford is along the Wye Valley, near Goodrich, so if you’re visiting the castle The Mill Race is the perfect lunch spot.

We have tried the evening menu twice and have been pleased with the quality and value for money. On our last visit I chose wisely

Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms

Whole Plaice with Crab and lots of butter

Plaice Crab Butter

These were both well presented, cooked and very tasty, my only problem came with the vegetables that came with the fish. Carrots, white cabbage and broccoli are not the best accompaniments for delicate white fish. A little more thought required there.

Tony had the ever popular Plate of Charcuterie from the local Trealy Farm, followed by local Sausages and Mash. He enjoyed both very much. Again there was a lapse in concentration from the kitchen, the skin was not removed from one of the sliced meats on the plate. I know its a small thing, but it is the little details that make or break an experience.

The Mill Race is a very good country gastro pub with a strong policy on local sourcing. I think they just need a little more attention to small aspects and it will be excellent.