Tales of French Travels

Off on our two week summer break, driving to Alpes-Maritimes. Naturally we look for the good places to stay and eat so here’s the list of definites and possibles that get in our way.

My trusty Pudlo France, previous experience and recommendations has lead to this trail through France

Auberge a la Bonne Idee

Near Compiegne a great first stop after crossing the channel. We used to visit this lovely place a few years ago when the restaurant held a Michelin Star and served classic French cuisine in the traditional manner. The Menu Rabelais was a classic, as was the serving of a Rognon de Veau , as just that a giant ball of a veal kidney on the plate. The head waiter always wore a dramatic jacket with epaulettes.

It is now serving a more modern menu selection along with an a la Carte that seems to maintain some of the flavour of the previous ways, the hot Grand Marnier Souffle that appeared looked perfect.

On our first stay we had the 45 euro menu and then on our way home we stayed again and tried the Menu Degustation.

The wine we had with the Menu Degustation was a half bottle of  Chablis 1er CruValorent Blanc 2006 with a bottle of Chateau Rochemourin, a wine from the Pessac Leognan appellation in Bordeaux.

Georges Blanc

One of the greats in French cuisine, the hotel that bears his name is in Vonnas, near Macon. Great deals available including being able to spend time in the kitchen. I have two  Georges Blanc books Nature dans l’ assiette and Georges Blanc cuisine en famille. They are both in French, I can decipher the recipes quite well and love to look through the books.

This was truly a fantastic experience.

We booked a deal called Fete Des Saveurs which is dinner, bed and breakfast. We were given a specific menu:

Cocktail Maison & Les Amuse bouches du jour

Crepe Vonnassienne au Saumon et caviar Beurre battu aux Zestes de Combava

Minute de Bar nappee d’une mariniere a l’huile vierge et au chardonnay relevee d’une fondue d’aromates et d’herbes

Poulet de Bresse aux gousses d’ail confites Sauce foie gras

Fromages frais et affines

La Panouille Bressane Glacee a la Confiture de Lait

Macon Aze – Blanc d’Azenay

Vin de Bordeaux – Selection du Sommelier

Eaux Minerales

This was all classic Georges Blanc, presented and served with style, panache and many waiters. M Blanc toured the dining room twice too much hero worship for me to say anything meaningful, also my french is very limited, and the second time he turned up we had had the best part of two bottles of wine so were in no real state to make sensible conversation!

This was a great experience and there are many deals on offer, one includes a morning in the kitchens as well as the dinner etc.

The a la Carte is accessible, and you may order anything. The example is the couple at the next table.

The lady initially had a plate of frogs legs, there are two on the menu;



She then ordered another plate, the dish did smell delicious. Her  companion just had the same main course as our menu. They then decided to order dessert. Just as we were leaving they were presented with a pre-dessert much to their surprise, it looked like a dessert all on its own. So next time its main course and dessert!!

Give Georges Blanc a try if you plan to stop over in the Lyon, Macon area of France.

Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de La Celle

What luck, Alain Ducasse right on our door step. We’re looking forward to rocking up for lunch followed by a siesta.

Lunch with M. Ducasse seemed a good plan when the rain was pouring down. The torrent meant no pictures of the lovely setting for this venture.

Auberge du Parc

Described as a ‘jewel in the high Var’ I’m sure it is in our future for a lovely lunch

Our trip takes us on to Carcassone, too much choice so no definites as yet, plus we have to get back to the tunnel so the fun goes on.

Carcassone Restaurants.

Chez Saskia

Au Comte Roger

Auberge de Dame Carcas

Moulin de la Gorce

We’ve been recommended this as a stop on our way back from Carcassonne. It is a windmill ‘lost in the heart of the countryside’. We have a little room under the eaves to rest in after our dinner.

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