‘Boston Butt’

The ‘Butt’of the title is a piece of pork shoulder, purchased from Waitrose. It has been prepared as to achieve a slow cooked joint that creates tender pulled pork.

I have decided to cook on the BBQ so here goes.

I lit the Weber at 4.30pm,  the charcoal was ready about 30 mins later, I put on the lid and reduced the air to reduce the temperature. The piece of pork is in a small foil tray covered with foil and weighs 600g, so should take about 2 hours. I’ll need to check to ensure the temperature is fairly consistent, but its best to leave well alone.

All is well at the moment.

I’m making a large bowl of potato salad and will grill some veggies.

Okay the meat has now had 1hr 20mins, its looking great, cooking nicely. The temp in the BBQ is holding up well.

The pork cooked for 2 hrs is now in a warm oven, resting as the veggies, courgettes, aubergines and asparagus finishes off on the BBQ.

In the end the pork rested for nearly an hour. I had to heat up the charcoal as the temperature had dropped, so once hot enough the veggies cooked quickly.

When ready the pork pulled beautifully,  was tender and tasty. We ate nearly all the meat and the little that was left for the next day was delicious.

I will buy this product again. The recommended cooking instructions were for an oven at 180C for just over 2hrs. After using the BBQ, this temperature setting seems high and if using the oven would try a lower temperature. Otherwise burnt offerings maybe the outcome!!

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